Monday, October 12, 2009

Henry Schein Inc.: The Business Value of a Data Warehouse

Case Study Questions and Answer

1. What are some of the key requirements for building a good data warehouse? Use Henry Schein Inc. as an


=> Henry Schein INS, use the right skills and ensuring data quality as the top priority were some of the key

Requirement for building a good data warehouse.

2. What are the key software tools needed to construct and use a data warehouse?

=> The key software tools made to construct and use data warehouse were data extraction software from

Information and user query and reporting from Microsoft strategy Inc.

3. What is the business value of a data warehouse to Henry Schein? To any company?

=> Henry Schein value of data warehouse to business having the ability it gives user to add more fields to

To report as they are using System, it allows to use that data and go even further, as apposed to

Creating a new report and another, but now a days business user search sort, and drill down for that

Information themselves in a fraction of the time , and according to Harding that data warehouse has

Become a part of our culture.

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