Monday, October 12, 2009

Harrah's Entertainment and others: Protecting the data Jewels

Case Study Questions

1. Why have developments in IT helped to increase the

value of the data resources of many companies?

=> IT helped increased the value of data resource of many companies of making

Sore their customer private background or even the company’s property is

Secure by making a System that would guaranty the customer and company


2. How have these capabilities increased the security

challenges associated with protecting a company’s

data resources?

=> By taking technological steps that can be taken to help prevent or at least

Discourage departing employees from walking out the door with that

Information once steps to protect a company’s data resource.

3. How can companies use IT to meet the challenges of

data resource security?

=> Companies use IT to meet the challenges of data resource security by using

Business intelligence and CRM system and most specially taking

Precaution and steps to prevent any problems like stealing and copied the

Record of the companies customer and etc…

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